Healthcare Solutions Created With You, Not For You

My name is Kathy Isaacs, and I am the director and clinical nurse consultant at Access Health Autism.

During my more than 20 years in the healthcare sector, I have worked across many healthcare settings, including hospitals, community nursing, GP clinics and residential aged care.

I am also an autistic woman.

These two types of experience have uniquely prepared me to support autistic people of all ages and their carers within the healthcare system.

I am primarily a problem solver, working with clients and their families where appropriate to uncover the issues most significant to them, to amplify the autistic person’s voice – however that is expressed – and to enable their questions to be heard and their needs to be met.

I believe the gap that exists between autistic people and the expectations of the healthcare system is more like a difference between two cultures than it is a lack of experience or knowledge, and for supports to build the autistic community’s capacity, they have to acknowledge that gap, and bridge it using a Cultural Liaison model.
This model requires that the person doing the support is a member of the community they are supporting – the application of knowledge and education in a way which translates the culture of a group for people working with them.

Only in this way can we find solutions that are consistent with the best available evidence and the client’s personal values.



The logo

The logo has three elements:

  • the flower, representing growth and health,
  • the medical cross representing the healthcare system
  • and an infinity sign, the symbol of neurodiversity.