A Health Passport is a document that contains important information to help health professionals understand the needs and preferences of their clients.
It is particularly important when a form of communication other than speaking is used, but can be used in many situations and for many purposes.

This Health Passport is very general, and has been developed to cover most of the things hospital and other health care staff may need to know about you or someone you care for.
It can be printed off and filled in, or I can create one for you based on your assessment, if you’d like to make an appointment via our contact form.

ACCESS HEALTH AUTISM – health passport 2



One of the most common miscommunication issues in healthcare is when patients haven’t understood or can’t remember what a professional has told them.
If you ask your professional to fill in this very simple form during the appointment, there will be fewer negative outcomes, as new information, changes, and any follow-up required will be written down.  Now you just need to create a Healthcare Folder to make sure you have somewhere safe to put it.

Medical appointment form



I’ve noted elsewhere that pain can be experienced differently by Autistic people.
Trying to describe or explain it can be very difficult, and can frustrate health professionals who don’t understand Autistic communication.
Even if you’re not Autistic, it’s often hard to know what information is needed to assess pain, and what is meant when you’re asked for a ‘pain score out of 10’.
This is why I’ve developed this brief pain self-assessment, which can be used to aid communication when talking to health professionals about your pain.
Having the “script” there to rate and describe your pain can really help health professionals to understand what’s going on, meaning you’ll get better pain management.

Brief Pain Assessment