The Neurodiversity model of autism was originated by autistic advocate and author, Judy Singer, in response to the dehumanising and pathologising model used in much of medical and psychological practice.

It asserts that Autism is a part of natural neurodiversity and not an illness or disorder; that many of the distressing experiences associated with being autistic are related more to the misunderstanding and lack of accommodation for autistic people in the world than they are to the autistic neurology.

It rejects the rhetoric of a “cure”, while still advocating for understanding of autism, and supports to help autistic people function within our society.

This video gives a very comprehensive outline of neurodiversity as it pertains to autism, with clarity and humour.  It is presented by autistic psychologist, PhD student and ASAN committee member Jacky den Houting, in conjunction with Sylvia Rodger of the Autism CRC.

An Introduction to the Neurodiversity Movement